Taxi Marsa Alam Airport car

Taxi Aeroporto Marsa Alam Autovettura confort
Taxi Aeroporto Marsa Alam Autovettura confort

Taxi taxi Marsa Alam airport rates and destinations with comfortable car destinations and prices Arrival and departure. Please contact us to find out where your destination is


 Comfort car Destinations and prices from Marsa Alam Airport:

If you are interested, please send:

-Name and surname
-the flight number
-Date and time of arrival and departure.

Abu Dabbab Lodge 25 Euro
Abo Dabbab Resort 25 Euro
Abu Nawas Resort 28 Euro
Akassia Swiss Resort 30 Euro
Alba Club Helioland 76 Euro
Albatross Sea World 33 Euro
Al Nada Resort 23 35 45 Euro
Amaraya Club 28 Euro
Aswan 175 Euro
Aurora Bay Resort 30 Euro
Badawia Resort 23 Euro
Beach Albatros Helioland 76 Euro
Beach Safari Resort 28 Euro
Berenice Town 72 Euro
Best Western Solitaire 28 Euro
Bliss Abo Nawas 28 Euro
Blue Lagoon 45 Euro
Blue Reef 28 Euro
Blue Vision Diving Hotel 28 Euro
Brayka Bay 28 Euro
Cairo 277 Euro
Calimera Akassia 30 Euro
Carnelia Beach 30 Euro
Cataract 28 Euro
Cinderella Beach 37 Euro
Club Calimera Akassia 30 Euro
Club Calimera Habiba 28 Euro
Concorde Moreen Beach 25 Euro
Coral Hills Resort 30 Euro
Crowne Plaza Sahara Oasis 18 Euro
Crowne Plaza Sahara Sands 18 Euro
Desert Light Solitaire 28 Euro
Dessole Alexander 28 Euro
Diving Station - Reef Villa 28 Euro
Dreams Beach Resort 30 Euro
Dream Lagoon Resort 45 Euro
Eco Lodge Bedouin Valley 45 Euro
Eden Village Gemma 45 Euro
Eden Village Habiba 28 Euro
Elphistone Resort 28 Euro
El Malikia Resort Abu Dabbab 25 Euro
El Quseir Town (from airport ) 37 Euro
Emy Camp 51 Euro
Equinox El Naaba 28 Euro
FAM hotel and resort 28 Euro
Fanadir Resort 45 Euro
Fantazia 45 68 78 Euro
Flamenco Beach 37 Euro
Floriana Dream Lagoon 45 Euro
Floriana Emerald Lagoon 45 Euro
Gemma Beach Eden 45 Euro
Gorgonia Resort 51 Euro
Habiba 28 Euro
Hamata Town 72 Euro
Happy Life 25 Euro
Helioland Beach 76 Euro
Hilton Nubian 25 Euro
Hurghada City 76 Euro
Iberotel Coraya 16 Euro
Iberotel Lamaya 16 Euro
Iberotel Samaya 16 Euro
Intercontinental Palace 18 Euro
Jaz Dar El Madina 16 Euro
Jaz Grand Resta 16 Euro
Jaz Lamaya Resort 16 Euro
Jaz Maraya Resort 16 Euro
Jaz Samaya 16 Euro
Jaz Solaya 16 Euro
Julie Beach 23 Euro
Kahramana 28 Euro
Labranda Gemma Premium 45 Euro
Laguna Beach Resort 45 Euro
Lahami Bay 72 Euro
LTI Akassia Beach 30 Euro
Luxor 150 Euro
Magic Tulip Resort 23 Euro
Malikia Resort Abu Dabbab 25 Euro
Mangrove Bay B&B El Quseir 37 Euro
Marina Lodge 18 Euro
Marina View Port Ghalib 18 Euro
Marina View Residence 28 Euro
Marsa Alam Town 28 Euro
Marsa Nakari 45 Euro
Marsa Shagra Village 28 Euro
Moon Resort/Moon Azur 28 Euro
Movenpick El Quseir 37 Euro
Nada Resort 23 Euro
Novotel Resort 33 Euro
Oasis 28 Euro
Onatti Beach 37 Euro
Oriental Bay 28 Euro
Oriental Dream Sentido 30 Euro
Palace at Port Ghalib 18 Euro
Paradise Club Shony Bay 33 Euro
Pensee Azur Resort 33 Euro
Pensee Royal Garden 33 Euro
Pickalbatros 53 Euro
Port Ghalib Beach Resort 18 Euro
Port Ghalib Marina 18 Euro
Queen Marsa Alam Resort 28 Euro
Queen Shams Alam 45 Euro
Quseir (El Quseir from airport) 37 Euro
Radisson Blu El Quseir 37 Euro
Resta Club 16 Euro
Resta Grand 16 Euro
T-Club Berenice 72 Euro
Three Corners Equinox El Naaba 28 Euro
Three Corners Fayrouz 16 Euro
Three Corners Happy Life 25 Euro
Three Corners Sea Beach Resort 16 Euro
Three Corners Triton/Triton Sea 18 Euro
Tulip 23 Euro
Utopia 33 Euro
Veraclub Emerald Lagoon 45 Euro
Vime Gorgonia 51 Euro
Wadi Lahmy Azur/Lahami Bay 72 Euro
Zabargad 72 Euro
Zen Moon 28 Euro


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